Reionator Pro®



Our cities do a great job disinfecting our water, but taste, odor and hardness are not regulated under drinking water and health standards. The Reionator Pro® with cyclonic technology performs as a softener and conditioner by reducing hardness and iron, as well as removing or reducing chlorine, lead, sulfates and nitrates.

All the benefits of Olympic Pro, plus:

  • The Reionator Pro® reduces chlorine, so food and beverages taste and smell better
  • Patented cyclonic technology uses 40% less water during regeneration cycles
  • Reionator Pro® uses less salt overtime as compared to traditional softeners
  • Save up to 50% on shampoos, cleaning products, laundry detergents and more
  • Reduces the slippery feeling often associated with softened water

The Reionator Pro® System features:

  • Multi-resin technology. Provides greater conditioning capabilities, removes chlorine taste and odor and reduces the slippery feel standard water softeners leave behind
  • Limited lifetime warranty on resin and tanks
  • Triton control valve. The fully-automated, electronic metered control valve with ultra-high-efficiency programming anticipates usage, making it 40% more efficient in water and salt conservation